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Meet Kristal Defeo

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  • Liz Daly
    Posted May 19, 2022 at 7:02 pm

    I loved this story so much. And I also believe in Kristal because she is my personal life coach and friend. I also took the course and it truly did help me to think differently and to move forward. And yes you won’t change your old patterns over night. But she gives you tools with the course or as a life coach to remind you daily to keep moving forward even when you want to give up.
    Kristal, is a true inspiration. Her daily life has also encouraged me. She walks the walk daily. And yes she has her bad days. But her bad days don’t ever turn into months. She gets back on track soon after. She is a living testimony of what living a full life looks like.
    I love you, Kristal
    Ps. She is 20 plus years younger then me but has tons of wisdom and love to give.

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